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LAMP & FOCUS Finally put your light bulbs in the fixtures and aim them. Do this around dusk so you can see where you are pointing them. As you put
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Landscape lighting also enhances the aesthetic qualities of your property which is especially beneficial for those wishing to sell their home. Creative lighting can produce dramatic effects that show off
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Dont make your wire runs too long and dont start your fixtures too close to the transformer. You want even distribution of power. Sketch your wiring plan and the lighting
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A project that really does look magnificent at night might not be portrayed that way in a photo without a good deal of effort to capture it. A true professional
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Finally you may enjoy the addition of softening filters spread lenses or color media. Colored glass filters are available in a variety of hues and dichroic-coated lenses are available in
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Narrow beamed lighting that highlights sharp features and wide angled flood lighting to pick up flat surfaces are preferred. These two simple methods create pools of light and shadows that
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By lighting walkways and steps you eliminate the need for flashlights and reduce the potential for slips and falls. Furthermore landscape lighting deters intruders by giving them less "shadows" in
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But none of these lights can compare to the LED light bulb. LED bulbs last at least 40000 hours. This feature alone can save you quite a bit of money.
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You can accomplish uplighting by placing the light below a target and positioning the beam on an upwards angle for highlighting this will create a focal point. Downlighting is done
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It can also be most effective is hiding unwanted features such as trash cans or compost bins. Lighting is used to bring trees and scrubs to life at night and